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CPMStar is the only network out there that will actually improve the quality of your site by showing ads that interest your audience because the ads themselves are focused on games and gamers. Your users will see appealing motion graphics representing the world's highest quality games and entertainment. This translates to happier users and higher income for your site. We use our own proprietary ad server that is constantly optimizing to maximize your profits.

Our terms are simple and require no exclusivity or long term obligations, our payout rate is tops, and we pay Net 30 with a low $1 minimum. Game, Videos, Humor, Community, Movie, and many other online entertainment categories generate strong revenue on our network.

Discover what many of the web's biggest game sites, like Newgrounds, Armorgames, MMOHut and Artix Entertainment have all found: it pays to use CPMStar! Check out some of our Custom Ad Units.

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