Case Study: ROBLOX

Flight: 2008-Present

+ CPMStar and ROBLOX have been partners since 2008.
+ CPMStar consistently drives tens of thousands US/UK/AU player sign ups each month to ROBLOX!
All ad formats are included in the campaign including the CPMStar custom made Site Skin.

"CPMStar has been a key partner for ROBLOX online acquisition program for over 5 years now. They're hands down one of the biggest and best out there. The team is a pleasure to work with, and they are excellent at scaling and driving large volumes of high quality traffic. As if great quality and scale weren't enough, they also make awesome creatives for us for free, and their editorial team writes free articles for us on MMOHut and OnRPG. I look forward to many more years of working closely in partnership with CPMStar!"
-Phil Yeh, VP of Customer Acquisition, ROBLOX

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